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About Me

There are all sorts of little blurbs throughout this site about what I’m into and how or why I enjoy certain aspects of creativity, but this is the place where you can get a run-down of it all!

My name is Katherine.  I’m a Minnesota native, residing in Minneapolis, but have lived in various states in my early twenties.  I’m married to a wonderfully thoughtful husband, Nick, and have a hilarious 1 year old daughter, Lauren.  We live in a state of constant fur madness thanks to our white dog, Greta (of what mixed breeds we have no idea).  Our life together mostly began during an eventful week back in September of 2008 when we closed on 1st home money-pit, got married, and moved.  What a week that was!  The last few years have been filled with endless hours of home improvement projects that I can’t wait to share with you.

For most of my life I have been studying and practicing design, creating art, and been hands on in home remodeling. I studied interior design at a small college in Michigan and at The Art Institute of Minnesota.  I’ve worked for designers, high-end fabric dealers, tile companies, wall treatment shops, etc.  I know the ins-and-outs of most home finishes and furnishings.  I love eclectic style and my taste in design has changed throughout the years.  I appreciate really comfortable laid-back style all the way to ultra modern style.

I grew up surrounded by a large extended family and with parents that enjoyed entertaining friends.  I’m sure that’s where my own love for entertaining came from.  My parents used to have great parties and I would fantasize about the day when I would be a grown-up and could put on get-togethers.  I have been putting on parties since I had my 1st apartment.  I used to have an annual Luau and also a formal dinner party with 30+ guests, but now my events are more random in occasion or theme.


I love being creative and finding ways to express myself. All various forms of creativity interest me…painting, photography, cuisine, music….I love it all!  My ‘habit’ of enjoying new activities and hobbies has lead to a plethura of supplies that enables me to do many projects as I’m feeling inspired.  Our home holds supplies ranging from a sewing machine to drum set to and mass amounts of art supplies.  I have a drafting table, photo studio lighting, mosaic supplies, and more.  Part of this blog will be the adventure of organizing my life and supplies!

The point of this blog is to not only inspire you with ideas on creating a better home, but also to inspire myself with ideas of how to share creativity. I hope you revisit me often and share you thoughts.

Thank you VERY much!

Katherine :)

Twitter = @idesigncreate

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