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Adjustable sized batteries!

I’ve learned that having a child means having the need for a large amount of batteries of different sizes.  There are so many gadgets, toys, sleeping sounds machines, etc that keep my kid happy that I can’t keep up with stocking alkaline power!

The other night we realized that the ‘ocean wonder’ crib accessory had lost juice.  Serious problem.  The bigger problem was that when we went to grab new ‘C’ batteries for it we realized we were out.  My husband used a little trick that apparently he has done for years.  I had never seen it done before and had to share!

What an easy thing to do….just wrap scotch tape around a smaller sized battery until you create the size needed.  Problem solved!

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  1. Came your blog through a link at Eighteen25. I enjoyed looking through your posts! You’re a very talented young lady! :)