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5 things I use painter’s tape for…other than painting

Posted on May 25, 2013 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

There is a saying that a person only needs two things in life to fix anything…duct tape or WD40.  I disagree.

I use painter’s tape weekly….a roll of it sits handily in my ‘office supply’ kitchen drawer.  I think it’s the best thing that’s come along since hair dye.  Here are 5 things that I currently use it for:

1.  Marking artwork: Roll up a small piece of tape and loosely place it against the back of a picture frame… where the hook is.  Set the frame against the spot on your wall where you want it positioned and press.  The tape should stick to the wall, so you can easily place the nail where you want it.

2.  Holding together loose plumbing:  ok, so this isn’t an everyday use, but I currently have a wiggly faucet and the tape is doing the trick until I get something new. I have been looking but there are entirely too many to choose from. I have narrowed them down to this so help me pick something out from Kohler Bathroom Faucets …I’m excited for a bathroom upgrade!

3.  Labeling food:  it doesn’t leave a residue on dishes or food storage containers.  I make my kid’s baby food in bulk, so I just re-use some previously purchased baby food containers, label them, and freeze it.  I reuse the containers over and over, so this tape works awesome.

4.  Hanging artwork (or letters):  I have both my kid’s names on a wall in their bedrooms.  All I had to do was paint the letters and secure them with a bit of tape.  My daughter’s name has been up for 2.5 years and the letters have never fallen down (granted, they are very lightweight).

5. A ‘chip-clip’:  It’s resealable.


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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment: A Must!

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Lifestyle | 2 comments

A friend of mine forwarded me a blog post about how to help your hair grow and I’ve started taking some of the advice.  Unfortunately, I had a terrible hair experience almost a year ago that left me with a ton of breakage, the need to cut much of my hair, and dye it dark to help protect it.  One of the tips was to give myself a scalp massage a couple times a week with coconut oil.  I figured why not give it a shot…..after all, if you google ‘coconut oil uses’ you’ll find that you should pretty much be slathering the stuff all over your body, as well as ingesting it.

I found some at Trader Joe’s for cheap.  A jar is only $5.99 and seems that it is going to last a while.   You can find coconut oil online or various grocery and health stores.  I worked it into my scalp; giving myself a massage for about 5 minutes and then rubbed it into all of my hair.  It’s somewhat the consistency of petroleum jelly, so I would rub it into my hands first to ‘melt’ it and make it easier to spread throughout.   I left the oil in for over an hour and then showered.  I shampooed, conditioned, and styled my hair as normal.

This product works!  My hair has been so soft and manageable for the last week.  I’m going to do it again tomorrow and figure I’ll do a coconut oil treatment about once a week forever!  It is an easy, at-home, inexpensive way to help heal damaged ends and moisturize those locks.

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Sock it to me

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

Baby/kid socks get lost even easier than my socks do.  Whatever does happen to them all?  Here is the best way that I’ve been able to keep tabs on my daughter’s socks.  They don’t get lost, it’s easier to match pairs, and they can’t get sucked into the washing machine.  Put them all in a lingerie bag for cleaning.  Life just got a little easier.


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Adjustable sized batteries!

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 in Lifestyle | 1 comment

I’ve learned that having a child means having the need for a large amount of batteries of different sizes.  There are so many gadgets, toys, sleeping sounds machines, etc that keep my kid happy that I can’t keep up with stocking alkaline power!

The other night we realized that the ‘ocean wonder’ crib accessory had lost juice.  Serious problem.  The bigger problem was that when we went to grab new ‘C’ batteries for it we realized we were out.  My husband used a little trick that apparently he has done for years.  I had never seen it done before and had to share!

What an easy thing to do….just wrap scotch tape around a smaller sized battery until you create the size needed.  Problem solved!

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Mold and mosquitos be gone!

Posted on Jul 11, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

My mother and aunt are pretty awesome ladies.  They have taught me many things over my lifetime and a couple ideas they recently passed onto me have been working splendidly.  I want to pass on the advice.

Preventing mold on your fruit

I love fresh berries, but I hate how fast mold grows on them.  If I don’t eat strawberries, raspberries, etc in a day or two mold starts growing.  What a waste!

Mom already taught me that using white vinegar is the best way to kill mold if it grows in food containers…and Lord knows I’m not good at cleaning out the fridge.  This trick comes in handy.  Why not use the same principle to prevent mold and keep fruit from going bad?

Fill a bowl with 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.  Put your fruit in that for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it.  This will help kill any small mold spores and give you 1 to 2 weeks to eat those berries!  ***If you are going to put fruit back in the container you bought it, pour the vinegar water over the container and rinse it before placing fruit back.

Keep mosquitoes away with a minty fresh smell

Why use expensive, harsh chemicals to spray your yard to ward off mosquitoes when you can buy a value size bottle of Listerine?  That’s right….Listerine.   I bought an economy size bottle of generic Listerine, poured it into a spray bottle, and squirted the tar our of my yard.  The amount of mosquitoes flying around dropped quite a bit!

My aunt even sprays it on herself to keep the buggers away.  That works too, but expect a little stickiness.

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Wedding! Retro Bridal Makeup

Posted on May 22, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding this past weekend with a retro rock vibe.  I was also able to do the bride’s makeup!  I snapped this photo before her false lashes were added (so you can see more the look of the eyeliner).  Also, I applied a red lipstick on her for the reception, but we kept it more subtle for the ceremony with the soft peachy pink lips below.


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A handful of colors. We nailed it!….ok enough puns

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Home, Lifestyle | Comments Off

My friend Laura, who is always on trend and is an amazing hair stylist (if in the Denver area go see her at Grand Salon), keeps me updated on what’s hot.  We spent some time in Mexico last month and she showed up with a manicure that had a little flair.  Try it out!  Paint your ring finger a different color than the rest of your nails.

Some friends came over last weekend and we tried out a handful (there I go again) of color combinations.  Check out some ideas:

I love the glitter nails! 

We even got my friend’s daughter on trend.

Love the hot pink and orange

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Amplify your phone or handheld music player with a glass!

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

Let’s be honest, the speakers on my iPhone don’t produce the loudest sound.  It isn’t always convenient or possible to have a docking station in order to amplify the music.  I have a set of portable speakers that I can plug into my phone, but the battery doesn’t keep it’s charge forever (I do recommend purchasing a set of these though – mine were reasonably priced from iHome).  What to do when you want louder music?  Set the volume on your phone to medium (so the speakers don’t sound distorted) and set your phone in a medium sized glass.  It works!


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The Southern Coast of Maine

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

The first week of November Nick and I took a trip out east and absolutely fell in love with Maine.  I highly recommend a trip to the Ogunquit/Kennebunkport area of Maine as either a family trip in the summer or a romantic get-a-way in the spring or fall.  We lucked out by having gorgeous and unseasonably warm weather and were able to enjoy the outdoors.

We stayed in Ogunquit at a cozy inn called Terrace by the Sea.  Our room had a huge front porch on it and massive fireplace….it was perfect for relaxing and listening to the ocean.  The hotel was right in town, but also overlooking the coast, as is most of the businesses and hotels in this area.  The great thing about this area, even in the off-season, is that you don’t have to have anything planned to enjoy yourself.  Walking around and stopping in various shops and restaurants is easy to do.  I would even recommend taking a drive and just getting ‘lost’ in the beauty of the area.  We spent a couple hours one day just looking at amazing homes and landscapes.

During our drive one day we went into Kennebunkport.  This is another quaint town just north of where we stayed.  We spent the afternoon looking at more amazing homes and walking around the town.  We sampled some various foods by having a cup of chowder here and splitting a fish sandwich there.  At one point we pulled over to the side of the road and were walking around boulders at the sea’s edge when another car with tourists stopped and asked if ‘that’ was President Bush’s home across the water.  Well, it was and we hadn’t realized we had been hanging out near it (luckily we must not have looked too much like intruders trying to make our way in!).

Bush's Home

Beautiful coastline, ports, and forests provide tons to see and do in the area.  I do plan to revisit Maine with my family in the summer when the beach and area is in full swing.  There really is something for everyone – great restaurants, fresh seafood, hiking, shopping, swimming, etc.  I highly recommend the area!

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