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Freezer Tracking

I don’t always live the most organized life.  I try to put things back orderly and know where things are, but sometimes things just slip away from me.  One area of my home that seems to always be hard to keep orderly is our deep freeze.  Food piles up, items get lost at the bottom, and digging in it to see what is in there is a big pain.

I came up with a simple solution, so I can keep track of what is in the freezer.  This helps me plan meals easier, use food that may have been forgotten about, and not have to dig through to see what I have.  I purchased a basic dry erase whiteboard to log what goes in and out of our freezer.

To make a board you just need a few items:

  • a whiteboard
  • a dry erase marker
  • a permanent fine point marker, like a Sharpie
  • something to adhere the board to your freezer or wall next to the freezer (my board came with stickies, but you could use magnets too)
  1. Draw lines on the board with a permanent marker.  This way you can erase food items as you use them without ruining the lines.
  2. At the top mark the quantity of items, description, and date you put it in the freezer.
  3. Update the board as you add or take items from the freezer.

This is an example of what I’m dealing with and why I need to keep track of the items outside of the actual freezer: