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Engagement and 6 Month Photos

Sunday was a cloudy day here in MN, but luckily warm enough to still take photos for and an adorable 6 month old and a beautiful couple planning a summer wedding.

Personally, I think it’s easier to take portraits when there is a bit of an overcast.  Bright sunny days lead to squinting and harsh shadows.  One way to increase the warmth of images when taken on gloomy days is to make sure your white balance is set to ‘cloudy’.  You can also warm up pictures by just barely increasing the yellow when editing them.

Writing the wedding date in the sand was a cute idea the bride had….my thought of putting feet in the water looks cute, but water in MN in April is still ice cold!

I like decreasing the exposure, saturation, and vibrancy of an image to give a bit of a romantic feel.

Some kids do not react well to a stranger making crazy sounds to get their attention and a camera shoved in their face for an hour, but she was so good.  Can you even stand how cute this owl hat is?  Her mom said she found it on Etsy…gotta love Etsy!