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Mold and mosquitos be gone!

My mother and aunt are pretty awesome ladies.  They have taught me many things over my lifetime and a couple ideas they recently passed onto me have been working splendidly.  I want to pass on the advice.

Preventing mold on your fruit

I love fresh berries, but I hate how fast mold grows on them.  If I don’t eat strawberries, raspberries, etc in a day or two mold starts growing.  What a waste!

Mom already taught me that using white vinegar is the best way to kill mold if it grows in food containers…and Lord knows I’m not good at cleaning out the fridge.  This trick comes in handy.  Why not use the same principle to prevent mold and keep fruit from going bad?

Fill a bowl with 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.  Put your fruit in that for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it.  This will help kill any small mold spores and give you 1 to 2 weeks to eat those berries!  ***If you are going to put fruit back in the container you bought it, pour the vinegar water over the container and rinse it before placing fruit back.

Keep mosquitoes away with a minty fresh smell

Why use expensive, harsh chemicals to spray your yard to ward off mosquitoes when you can buy a value size bottle of Listerine?  That’s right….Listerine.   I bought an economy size bottle of generic Listerine, poured it into a spray bottle, and squirted the tar our of my yard.  The amount of mosquitoes flying around dropped quite a bit!

My aunt even sprays it on herself to keep the buggers away.  That works too, but expect a little stickiness.