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My “what I’ll need at the hospital to have a baby” list

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Mommyhood | Comments Off

I’m a list maker.  I have post-it notes, pads of paper, and scribbles all over my house.  I can’t imagine getting by a week without writing down what I need at the grocery store, to pack for a trip, or things to do before a certain event.  Here is my list of what I take to the hospital for having a baby.

*The below paragraph is what I started writing weeks ago, but the night I started this post I actually had my son by c-section a couple weeks early!

“I’m due to have a baby in two weeks and have been putting my hospital packing list together for a couple weeks now;  adding things as I remember and feeling very prepared while doing so.  This will be my second go at having a planned c-section (after having a vaginal birth as well).  My list might be helpful to share for some of you who have yet to experience the joy of labor or a cesarean. ”

For you to easily nurse the baby:

  • super stretchy comfortable nursing sleeper bras (1 or 2 should do it).  I hate wearing hospital gowns, so I just wear these sleeper nursing bras and underwear while in the hospital (except when guests visit, of course)
  • 1 or 2 sleep shirts or nightgowns that unbutton down the front or unclasp at the strap
  • a Boppy style of pillow
  • a box of ‘Mothers Milk’ tea.  I hate tea, however I swear this helps bring your milk in fast and full.  I make it, let it get cool, and then just slam it down… does not taste good!  Start drinking it right away after you have the baby and continue drinking it until your milk is in.
  • nipple cream or hydro gel pads for sore nipples.  I LOVE using gel pads instead of cream and recommend ‘Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads’

For your comfort:

  • a box of ‘smooth move’ tea.  This is another tea I dislike, but force myself to drink after having babies.  It helps keep your digestive system on track as various pain medicines and lack of physical movement will slow down your bowels.  You don’t want to have to work hard to go to the bathroom or have any added discomfort!
  • an eye mask and ear plugs to block all the lights and sounds
  • your own menstrual pads (going without your period for 9 months is completely ruined by the 4-6 weeks of straight bleeding after the baby comes).  The huge diaper sized uncomfortable pads that the hospital supplies are terrible and I recommend bringing your own to use.  I like ‘Always Ultra Thin Long Pads with Wings’.

For the baby:

  • a couple outfits.  The hospital has basic clothing and blankets, so if you want to dress your baby in cuter clothes and comfortable sleepers you should pack a few items.
  • a birthday present.  I like to get my kids a birthday present for the day they’re born.  After all, the day they are born is the most authentic birthday they are going to have.  For my daughter I got her a silver necklace with an ‘L’ pendant (for Lauren).  I haven’t decided on what to get my son yet.

For everything else:

  • camera, camcorder, phone, and all the chargers
  • ID and insurance information
  • an outfit for yourself to leave the hospital in
  • toiletries, hair dryer, make-up, lotion, etc
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A New Addition to the Family

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 in Photography | 3 comments

Thank you for being patient with me the last few months.  I have not been the most consistant person at posting new tips and ideas for you.  I was a bit exhausted from the last trimester of my pregnancy, but now that it’s over I can just be exhausted due to having a 2 year old and a newborn!

Graham joined us a few weeks before his due date on February 21st!  I’ll put together a separate post under my new page ‘Mommyhood’ with an explanation of his early arrival, but this post is to show some photos I took this weekend of the little guy.  Enjoy my handsome little man!


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Cutest Bibs Ever!

Posted on Feb 20, 2013 in Mommyhood | 1 comment

I cannot take credit for making these beyond adorable little bibs, however, I can brag that my aunt and her students did!  These were a gift I received for my future son (due in two weeks) and I can’t wait to use them.  She used recycled mens dress shirts for the materials.  In fact, the plaid bib is made from material that was once one of my brother’s old shirts.

Besides the western style they also make bibs with little bowties or neckties.  I’m not sure if they sell them outside of their local craft shows, but if you’re interested contact me and I’ll try to find out some information for you.

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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment: A Must!

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Lifestyle | 2 comments

A friend of mine forwarded me a blog post about how to help your hair grow and I’ve started taking some of the advice.  Unfortunately, I had a terrible hair experience almost a year ago that left me with a ton of breakage, the need to cut much of my hair, and dye it dark to help protect it.  One of the tips was to give myself a scalp massage a couple times a week with coconut oil.  I figured why not give it a shot…..after all, if you google ‘coconut oil uses’ you’ll find that you should pretty much be slathering the stuff all over your body, as well as ingesting it.

I found some at Trader Joe’s for cheap.  A jar is only $5.99 and seems that it is going to last a while.   You can find coconut oil online or various grocery and health stores.  I worked it into my scalp; giving myself a massage for about 5 minutes and then rubbed it into all of my hair.  It’s somewhat the consistency of petroleum jelly, so I would rub it into my hands first to ‘melt’ it and make it easier to spread throughout.   I left the oil in for over an hour and then showered.  I shampooed, conditioned, and styled my hair as normal.

This product works!  My hair has been so soft and manageable for the last week.  I’m going to do it again tomorrow and figure I’ll do a coconut oil treatment about once a week forever!  It is an easy, at-home, inexpensive way to help heal damaged ends and moisturize those locks.

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She’s Crafty

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 in DIY & Crafts | 1 comment

Two years in a row I’ve had girlfriends over for ‘Brunch and Crafts’.  If you had told me 10 years ago that this is something I would be doing on my weekends I never would have believed you.  Well, I’m not 23 anymore and these sorts of get-togethers are a good ol’ time.  Last year there were a bit more mimosas flowing than this year, but that’s what happens when over half the women are pregnant now!  Nevertheless, sitting around and catching up with girlfriends is always a good thing to do.

Very simple concept:  come over for brunch, bring a craft and it’s supplies, bring a food item to share.  I supply the main dish, bread, drinks, etc.  It’s a great way to follow through on a project you’ve been meaning to complete or to try something you’ve seen on Pinterest or a magazine.

A little gift for the girls that came:

What to do with the corks from one of our favorite things (wine)?  Make coasters, of course!   A little hot glue and you have one inexpensive and easy holiday gift.  The girl that made these also hot glued corks to magnets to make wine cork magnets.

A different friend used corks to make this cute wreath.  She lightly colored them with a translucent white spray paint, hot glued them around a wooden ring, added a couple fake flowers, and wallah!  An idea to add something to the center is to hang the letter of your last name in the middle.

Both myself and a friend made these chic & sparkly deer decorations.  My friend found an image online and enlarged it to fit the 11 x 14 blank canvases.  We then traced the outline of the deer, used paintbrushes to fill it in with mod podge, and then sprinkled glitter on it.  I used a chunkier gold glitter and my friend used a finer bronze glitter.

Ladies getting their craft on.




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