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Adjustable sized batteries!

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 in Lifestyle | 1 comment

I’ve learned that having a child means having the need for a large amount of batteries of different sizes.  There are so many gadgets, toys, sleeping sounds machines, etc that keep my kid happy that I can’t keep up with stocking alkaline power!

The other night we realized that the ‘ocean wonder’ crib accessory had lost juice.  Serious problem.  The bigger problem was that when we went to grab new ‘C’ batteries for it we realized we were out.  My husband used a little trick that apparently he has done for years.  I had never seen it done before and had to share!

What an easy thing to do….just wrap scotch tape around a smaller sized battery until you create the size needed.  Problem solved!

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Make a functional sofa shelf

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Design & Decorating | 1 comment

We have an L-shaped sofa in our basement family room.  It’s great for lounging and watching movies, but I hate that there isn’t a place to set drinks, remotes, and other items when relaxing (we have an ottoman and a 1 year old, so using a coffee table isn’t an option).

A solution I came up with is making a basic shelf that runs along the back of the couch.  It works great, is easy to make, and was super cheap!  It’s just deep enough to hold glasses without making the couch stick out.  Here’s how to do it yourself!

You’ll need:

  • A board that is the length of your sofa.  I went to Home Depot and picked out the least expensive 1″ thick by 6″ deep board.  They sold it by the foot, so I had them cut the exact length of my sofa.  Too easy!
  • Stain, polyurethane, and 2 foam brushes
  • Mounting L-brackets
  • Screws

1. Lightly sand the board to get rid of rough edges and the sharp ends from being cut.  Wipe off the board with a dry rag.

2. Apply a coat of stain.  To apply stain use a foam brush to evenly coat the wood.  Take a dry rag and gently wipe off excess stain and rub the rag across the whole board for even coloring. Depending on how deep you want the color, you may need to apply more than one coat of stain.

3. Once that dries apply a layer of polyurethane with a foam brush and leave until it’s dry.

4. Mount your brackets.  The width of your sofa will determine how many brackets you should use…. mine are spaced 3 feet apart, so I used a total of 4 brackets.  You can buy these from the ‘closet/home storage’ section of a home remodeling store (I got them at Home Depot).


I pulled the sofa out a few feet, so you can see how the shelf is attached to the wall.  The height of the shelf just meets the top of the sofa.

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The Patriot …My Little American Girl

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Photography | Comments Off

Using personal photographs as seasonal decoration is something I love to do. It adds special memories to holidays and gives more meaning to the decor you display throughout the year. I’ll use a couple of these shots to put in a frame or make a collage to help decorate the cabin for many July fourths down the road.

This weekend I dressed my 17 month old in all American gear, handed her a couple flags, and let her run around. Trying to get a baby to stand or sit still, look at the camera, and smile is just about impossible. So plan to take a bunch of photos in order to get some usable ones. My favorites are the ones of her running around or twirling the flags….. maybe not traditional good shots, but it captures the fun she was having.

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Top that tater

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Recipes | Comments Off

Here is a super easy way to make homemade potato topping without all the fat:

  • One 16 ounce container of light or fat free sour cream
  • 1/4 cup of freshly chopped chives
  • 1/2 tsp garlic salt
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • Pepper and salt to taste

Mix it all together and enjoy!   If you don’t want as much of the garlic/onion taste use 1/4 tsp of each.

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Mold and mosquitos be gone!

Posted on Jul 11, 2012 in Lifestyle | Comments Off

My mother and aunt are pretty awesome ladies.  They have taught me many things over my lifetime and a couple ideas they recently passed onto me have been working splendidly.  I want to pass on the advice.

Preventing mold on your fruit

I love fresh berries, but I hate how fast mold grows on them.  If I don’t eat strawberries, raspberries, etc in a day or two mold starts growing.  What a waste!

Mom already taught me that using white vinegar is the best way to kill mold if it grows in food containers…and Lord knows I’m not good at cleaning out the fridge.  This trick comes in handy.  Why not use the same principle to prevent mold and keep fruit from going bad?

Fill a bowl with 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.  Put your fruit in that for 10 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it.  This will help kill any small mold spores and give you 1 to 2 weeks to eat those berries!  ***If you are going to put fruit back in the container you bought it, pour the vinegar water over the container and rinse it before placing fruit back.

Keep mosquitoes away with a minty fresh smell

Why use expensive, harsh chemicals to spray your yard to ward off mosquitoes when you can buy a value size bottle of Listerine?  That’s right….Listerine.   I bought an economy size bottle of generic Listerine, poured it into a spray bottle, and squirted the tar our of my yard.  The amount of mosquitoes flying around dropped quite a bit!

My aunt even sprays it on herself to keep the buggers away.  That works too, but expect a little stickiness.

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