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5 things I use painter’s tape for…other than painting

There is a saying that a person only needs two things in life to fix anything…duct tape or WD40.  I disagree.

I use painter’s tape weekly….a roll of it sits handily in my ‘office supply’ kitchen drawer.  I think it’s the best thing that’s come along since hair dye.  Here are 5 things that I currently use it for:

1.  Marking artwork: Roll up a small piece of tape and loosely place it against the back of a picture frame… where the hook is.  Set the frame against the spot on your wall where you want it positioned and press.  The tape should stick to the wall, so you can easily place the nail where you want it.

2.  Holding together loose plumbing:  ok, so this isn’t an everyday use, but I currently have a wiggly faucet and the tape is doing the trick until I get something new. I have been looking but there are entirely too many to choose from. I have narrowed them down to this so help me pick something out from Kohler Bathroom Faucets …I’m excited for a bathroom upgrade!

3.  Labeling food:  it doesn’t leave a residue on dishes or food storage containers.  I make my kid’s baby food in bulk, so I just re-use some previously purchased baby food containers, label them, and freeze it.  I reuse the containers over and over, so this tape works awesome.

4.  Hanging artwork (or letters):  I have both my kid’s names on a wall in their bedrooms.  All I had to do was paint the letters and secure them with a bit of tape.  My daughter’s name has been up for 2.5 years and the letters have never fallen down (granted, they are very lightweight).

5. A ‘chip-clip’:  It’s resealable.