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Create a Double-Rod for your Window Treatments

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 in Design & Decorating | Comments Off

This idea was inspired when I was going to purchase double-rods for our drapes.  I looked at Pottery Barn and was not about to pay $200 per window for hardware (I had 9 windows to cover!). Hardware for windows is not cheap.  I was able to ‘make’ double-rods for about $35 per window and get the same function as the expensive rods.

I like having sheers on some of my windows.  They add a nice amount of privacy and romance without blocking light.  In fact, light that is filtered through sheers can give your room a beautiful glow. Below are a couple windows in my living room using two separate rods to create the same look as expensive double-rods.

You will need to purchase two size rods that are the same in finish: a larger one for the front rod and a smaller one for the back sheer rod.  Install the larger rod first and then just on the inside of that bracket install the smaller rod’s bracket.  Easy peazy!

Create the function of expensive double rods for cheap!

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