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Glitter glassware so it’s washable!

I’m a sucker for glitter.  It just makes everything so much prettier and glassware is no exception! The question is…how to wash glitter?  To see what I use for glittering Click Here .  For another project on glittering a phone case click here.

If you love the glittered goblets, but aren’t the crafty type that’s ok!  You can purchase a set from me.  If interested please Email me to figure out glitter colors, glass type, quantity, etc.

The only added step that you need to do to make stemware washable (hand wash only) is to spray 1 or 2 coats of clear sealant over the top of the glittered area (enter ‘how to glitter’ in the Search the Site section at the top of this website). I use a glossy top coat.  Tape plastic over the part of the glass that you don’t need to cover with a clear coat.

I’m taking these to an overnight Bachelorette party this summer.  The bride loves sparkles, so we are all going to wear glitz and sequins as a theme. I thought glittered wine glasses will be the perfect addition to the party. We’ll use them that night, be able to remember which glass is who’s, and the bride can take them home with her.

With summer approaching I need to have a set to help celebrate July 4th!  For more 4th of July ideas Click Here

Nothing says Christmas like glistening sparkly champagne glasses!

Make glasses to match your wedding colors, any holiday, or a whole set of just black or silver glitter for a posh look.

I made this set for my book club when I hosted and we read ’50 Shades of Grey’.  For more ideas on a gray themed party Click Here


  1. I love this, I went to the dollar tree at bought 4 glasses, and glitter…thats right I used dollar tree stuff… And got Lacquar from Lowes. I put a zip lock bag around the top of the glass and taped a line on the stem of the glass, and gillter in another bag, ripped off the zipping part of the bag. Spryed the bottem of the glass with the lacquar, and then put it in the bag and shook it around, giltter stuck. let them dry over night, took a clean, dry pain brush to them the next day to get the glitter off, and then used clear nailpolish to keep if from falling off!!! Love them and my friends and family are putting orders in now. love it!

  2. how do you get the glitter to look so even? i tried this and the glitter wasnt as dark or even

    • I used a paintbrush to apply an even coat of modge podge and then sprinkled a heavy dose of glitter (I let extra glitter fall onto a piece of paper to then ‘funnel’ back into the glitter container). I then set the glasses upside down to dry.
      The glitter you are using might be the issue. The Martha Stewart brand glitter does the best at coating evenly….darker colors do better as well.

  3. How PRETTY! These are so cute, I want to try this now!

  4. love glitter and love these. What fun!

  5. Love this!!! Can’t wait to try. Was there a specific glitter/glue that you used that you would recommend? So adorable!

    • I use a small paintbrush to glue the glitter with Modgepodge. You can use any glitter. I used 2 different kinds for these…Jo-Ann’s and Martha Stewart.

      • do you just paint the modgepodge on the glass and then sprinkle the glitter over it?


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