Should You Get A Jet? Best 14 Inch Band Saw Reviews

Best 14 Inch Band Saw Reviews1A band saw is important for wood work. This device is considered a powerful tool with blades to help cut various workpieces. With the help of a band saw, cutting wood or metals can be done easier. It is also more accurate. Anyone who works using this device has to spend less time.

There are many types of 14-inch band saws out there. How do you choose? Which is the best bandsaw? Jet or Craftsman or Rigid? Click to find out and for free 14 bandsaw reviews.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw KitIf you are searching for a powerful band saw, Jet is ultimately the best choice. It has the capacity to cut larger pieces of wood. It was also designed in such a way that there is increased strength for both the upper and lower casts. The built-in retractable blade guard is flexible enough to easily move from 0-12 inches. This makes it easier for you to work on different pieces and designs. This model also has a redesigned frame, which helps even in the toughest situations.

When you are faced with a resawing job that you think could only be done using a riser block, then this device won’t eliminate the need for that tool. To top it all, it has strong safety features in place. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about injuries in using it. This jet 14 inch bandsaw review might seem convincing enough, but you definitely need to check out what other positive words users have to say about it. The only down side though is that this brand is quite on the more expensive side.

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Craftsman 2.5 amp 9 inch Band Saw

Craftsman 2.5 amp 9 inch Band SawIf you are searching for a cheaper band saw, then this Craftsman model could be the perfect partner for you. At only $163, you will save a lot more. It also has some of the basic features that you can find in Jet band saws. Its blade speed of 2460 has the ability to cut both soft and hard woods.

It is not as powerful as the Jet model though. It is adjustable to a certain degree, but is not as flexible as Jet. This band saw is perfect for scroll cutting and other simpler wood works. Despite its price, it could be the best 14 inch bandsaw you can find.

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Shop Fox W1706 14-Inch Bandsaw With Cast Iron Wheels

Shop Fox W1706 14-Inch Bandsaw With Cast Iron WheelsIf you wish to get the same high-powered band saw as Jet but at a cheaper price, then this is the best choice. This powerful device comes with a 1 HP motor, 1.725 RPM and 14 amps. It has a strong cutting capacity and a maximum cutting height of 6 inches. It is very safe and stable. It allows you to tilt the table to a certain degree to let you cut with accuracy and precision.

You can read other 14 inch bandsaw reviews and you will realize that it is ultimately one of the best choices. Nevertheless, if you have a few more dollars to spare, it is advised that you go for Jet. It’s not that Shop Fox can’t be relied on, but you better go for something that most wood cutting experts trust and it’s Jet.

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To Sum It All Up…

Finding the right band saw is not an easy choice considering the number of options available. You just need to consider the power of the device to cut wood and achieve your desired results. Jet is most definitely the best brand when it comes to band saws. There is no doubt to that. The only down side is the price. If you are searching for cheaper alternatives, there are other available alternatives.

They may not be as powerful as Jet, but they are good enough. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to sacrifice the result of your wood work, then you have to trust only the best and it is Jet. You might have to spend more money just to bring one home, but you won’t mind it as soon as you see the quality results the tool can produce.

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