Best Homelite Chainsaw Reviews

Best Homelite ChainsawEquipment and tools that can be used for various projects at home offer a huge help to homeowners as they can save cash doing the job themselves. The chainsaw is one of these tools and Homelite is a brand that’s known for producing long lasting equipment like these. This power equipment manufacturer has been around since 1921. Its first product was a portable generator that’s powered by gasoline.

It was in 1946 that it released its first chainsaw. Their innovation made it possible for the chainsaw to be operated by a single individual. Chainsaws prior to these were huge and bulky and required several people to operate. If you’re looking for the top product to use for pruning or cutting branches, this Homelite chainsaw review would help you find the best option.


Homelite 14″ In. 9.0Amp Electric Chain Saw UT43100

Homelite 14 In. 9.0Amp Electric Chain Saw UT43100In this Homelite electric chainsaw review you will see that this chainsaw model has a powerful 9.0 amp motor that’s ideal for medium intensity cutting works, after storm clean up and pruning. It comes with a cord retention hook and tool-less chain tensioner, which prevents it from being disconnected from the power source and delay the job. Since it’s powered by electricity, you don’t have to worry about combining oil and gas, as you can conveniently plug it on the socket and start using it.

Kick-back from the chainsaw, which can cause serious injuries can be avoided with its Safe-T-Tip and low profile Homelite chainsaw chain. Its handle also has an ergonomic wrap making it comfortable to grip. The chains are also kept lubricated with its automatic oilier, which helps in keeping it working properly for a long time.

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Homelite UT10568 16″ Bar Gas Powered Chain Saw

Homelite Refurbished UT10568 16 Inch Bar Gas Powered 38cc 2 Hp 2 Cycle Chain Saw Tree ChainsawThis 42cc 2-cycle gas powered chainsaw can be used for cutting branches and logs that are a maximum of 15 inches in diameter. It can also be utilized for cleaning up after a storm and for the maintenance of your lawn. It’s lightweight so it can be carried easily without difficulties and its sharp blades cut properly.

The ratio for the gas and oil that you need to mix to make it work is 40:1. This is equal to a gallon of gas for every 2.6oz of oil. Its air filter system is thoroughly clean and it has bolt-on safety tip that prevents the chainsaw from kicking back, thus preventing potential injuries that could be devastating. The anti-vibration feature of the equipment would prevent fatigue in the arms while at work.

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Homelite ZR10568 38cc 16 in. Gas Chainsaw

Homelite ZR10568 38cc 16 in. Gas ChainsawThis is a 38cc chainsaw that’s powered by gas. It has a tool-less chain tensioning that allows you to easily adjust the tension of the product’s chain without the use of any tool. Like the previous option, it was also designed to have a clean air filter system. This is important in extending the life of your chainsaw and keeping it performing well. A dirty air filter could cause the equipment to perform poorly and lose its power.

Its anti-vibe feature prevents you from accidentally losing grip of the chainsaw because of the vibration. The handle that comes with 3-point vibration isolation function prevents arm fatigue, allowing you to work longer. It also has an automatic oiler keeping it lubricated. Lubrication is also important for the tool to continuously work smoothly.

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All of these Homelite chainsaws could help you in completing simple to medium intensity work at home. They come with varying features, which this Homelite chainsaw review has highlighted so you can weigh your options and determine the best product for you. If you don’t want to use gas and just want to plug and work, the first chainsaw would be a great choice.

In case you prefer a gas chainsaw, you may select from UT10568 and ZR10568. They are almost similar, although UT10568 is 42cc and 14 inches, while ZR10568 is 38cc and 16 inches. Consider their specific features and your needs so you can arrive at the most appropriate decision!

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