Homelite Chainsaw Review: The 18-in Model

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Chainsaws are an important part of tree pruning and firewood cutting. Who wants to spend hours sawing at wood when an electric or gas-powered chainsaw can make the job fly by in minutes?

The only problem with these modern tech-advanced saws is that there seems to be a never-ending stream of them and different options to choose from. Gas or electric? What size? Which brand?

Lucky for us, Homelite has made some fantastic chainsaws to choose from, including their 18-inch option I’ll be reviewing in detail for you here today.

Homelite chainsaws are high-quality, excellent options, and the 18-inch model is fantastic to use for cutting down small- to medium-sized trees, chopping firewood, clearing brush around the house, and any other chainsaw-related needs.

Curious about the many features Homelite’s 18-inch chainsaw offers? Here’s a detailed buying guide and review. Stick around until the end for an overall rating of this product.

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Presenting the Homelite 18-Inch Chainsaw


What are some things which differentiate chainsaws from one another? There are lots of points to look for, including the following:

  • How it’s powered
  • How long the saw’s bar is
  • How heavy it is
  • Where it’s available
  • Whether the company is reputable
  • What wood it can cut through (soft or hard)
  • How portable it is
  • What features it offers


So, how does the 18-inch Homelite chainsaw measure up?


This chainsaw is gasoline-powered which means that you won’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in, but you will have to worry about what fuel you’re feeding it and when.

Homelite recommends “pure gas” with the lowest ethanol you can manage to get, and they also suggest trying to use fresh fuel whenever you can.


As its name suggests, this Homelite chainsaw’s bar is 18 inches long, which means it can cut through wood or trees with a diameter of 34 inches. Generally speaking, you can typically measure the diameter of a tree with your eyes against the length of your chainsaw.

If you can cut the tree down in one pass of a chainsaw, you’re in good shape, and the length of this tool will be sufficient. However, if it looks like you’ll have to do some crafty and clever maneuvering of the saw blade to get the job done, it’s best to find another saw.


Even Superman would get tired if he had to haul a 40-lb chainsaw everywhere on his property. Chainsaws were built for convenience and getting wood-cutting jobs done quickly, which is why they should be lightweight for easy maneuvering.

To accomodate most users, Homelite has made this 18-inch chainsaw weigh in at around 11 lbs total, with the powerhead weighing 9.8 lb by itself. This makes it so that woodcutting projects run smoother, with less discomfort and sweat on your part.


The 18-in Homelite chainsaw is available in Home Depot stores and many Walmarts all over the country. Furthermore, any replacement parts you may need are typically carried in these same places, making these chainsaws readily available and easily fixable in the event of a minor break/repair.


Homelite is a well-known, highly regarded company which manufactures fantastic home power tools such as pressure washers, blowers, mowers, chainsaws, and more. They offer two-year warranties on all of their home products, and 90-day warranties for commercial products.

This manufacturer also boasts an easy-to-use website where you can find parts and products, get the latest tips, and reach customer service. Their team is great an answering any questions and responding to requests their customers have.


If you have a fire pit or fireplace and use it regularly, you probably already know that hardwoods are the best for burning, as they create more heat. Therefore, if you’re using a chainsaw to cut wood on your property to burn for heat, you’ll want to aim for harder woods like hickory, oak, or walnut, as well as fruit tree woods.

Whether you’re cutting through softer wood or the heat-friendly hardwoods, the 18-inch Homelite chainsaw is a great option and can do the heavy or light-duty work you need, so long as you take care of it properly and make sure the diameter of the wood isn’t over 34 in.


Gas-powered chainsaws are the best for portability, meaning that this option is perfect for anyone who is planning on using it farther than an extension cord’s length away from their home.

If you’re looking at wandering your property without restriction while you work on cutting down firewood or rough sawing boards, this gas-powered option is probably perfect for you. However, if you’re not a fan of gas-powered anything and electricity is your preference, here are some great Homelite electric chainsaw reviews you could take a peek at.


This chainsaw comes with the necessities and conveniences you’ll need to complete any woodworking job. Here’s a breakdown of the features you can enjoy with this 18-in tool:

  • Three-point anti vibration system
  • Side access chain tensioning
  • Safe-T-Tip™
  • Inertia-activated chain
  • Clear oil/Fuel tanks (for easily checking levels)
  • Automatic lubrication

Pros And Cons

Everything comes with its ups and downs, and even the best power tools out there have their issues. Here, I’ve compiled everything good and bad that I’ve seen or heard about this chainsaw, so you can make the decision for yourself without surprises later.


  • Lightweight design (even when gassed up)
  • Works fast with all types of wood
  • Vibration dampeners work well for less-tingly fingers later
  • Little-to-no chainsaw jumping or kickback during projects
  • Inertia brake works to quickly stop the chain once it’s turned off
  • Automatic chain oiler is great and convenient
  • Comes with a very durable case


  • Huge product (not heavy, just big)
  • Can stall before starting quite frequently
  • Tensioner knob can be temperamental



There are plenty of Homelite chainsaw reviews out there, and for this particular model, they are mainly positive. Everyone loves how fast this thing can saw through trees and wood, and it’s definitely a plus that it’ll do so without leaving your hand vibrating.

The startup process can be a little temperamental, but here is a YouTube video which can illustrate what it usually looks like:


Besides general startup, some customers have had some struggles with keeping the chain on the saw, which could be due in part to the slippery tensioner knob on the side. However, once this has been tampered with a little bit, the chain stays on and this fast saw can get to work.

It has also been mentioned that this chainsaw is best for lighter work such as softer woods or infrequent uses.



Here, I’ll compile some of the features and the 18-in Homelite chainsaw reviews I’ve briefly gone over, and then I’ll break down my rating for this product. Keep in mind that this is based on real customer reviews rather than on general advertising or marketing propaganda.

Design: 3.5/5

Some flaws with the tensioner knob and the overall largeness of the chainsaw’s power head knocked the points down here a little bit.

Weight: 4/5

While it’s a little bulky-looking, it’s not heavy. However, there were a couple reviewers who noted that using this was more of an arm workout than some other saws.

Startup: 2.5/5

While there were a few reviews which stated that this started easily, most customers were not pleased by the “easy startup” feature advertised by Homelite.

Speed: 4.5/5

While the starting-up part isn’t always easy, this bad boy runs pretty fast and is able to cut through a lot of wood before overheating, generally speaking.

Overall Rating: 3.63/5 (72.5%)

This chainsaw is by no means perfect, but it is a great value for its lower price range. It also is conveniently self-lubricated and comes with a warranty and instructions for a smoother experience.


Homelite has taken precautions, such as the inertia brake feature, which will help contribute to a safer working environment when using their 18-inch chainsaw. While that’s expected and preferred, there are also some general safety precautions you can take:

Turn off the chainsaw. When you’re filling it up with gasoline or checking for any issues with the throttle/saw/chain/etc, it’s a good idea to unplug or turn off the tool before handling it. This ensures that it won’t “come alive” at a bad timing right as you’re pouring gas into the tank or have your hand on the blade.

Replace the chain. Rusty, dull, or older chains can cause issues for your chainsaw and also for you. If you feel like your 18-inch Homelite saw is jumping or stalling during use, or if you feel like it is becoming loose and cutting less, it may be because its chain needs replaced.

This protects you from any mechanical malfunctions which may happen as a result of a broken chain, a stalled engine, or too much auto-lubrication which can happen if the chain is not keeping up with the saw.

Wear protective gear. Wear goggles, gloves, pants, and long sleeves while using a chainsaw or any other power equipment. These can protect you from any undesirable little flecks or splinters flying off of the wood and getting into your eyes or skin.

Keep children and animals away. Wherever you’re using the chainsaw, don’t let children under age 14 or animals (such as dogs or horses) near the saw. This can cause a safety hazard and may result in injury or damaged property.

Keep cords away. The wonderful thing about gas-powered chainsaws is that no cords are involved in your projects.

However, there will probably be cords attached to other things (extension cords, power cords, ropes, etc) which you’ll want to keep away from your saw so that it doesn’t get damaged or cause damage or electrical shock.


General Care

A few general tips for taking care of a chainsaw include cleaning it after use, checking fuel before use, and replacing any broken pieces of the tool as soon as you notice them. By taking care of your power tools, you’re ensuring that they will be making jobs easier for you for a longer period of time.

Clean your saw after every use. Chainsaws can get covered in sawdust, grass, bugs, gas, and dirt. Instead of storing the chainsaw for the next use right after finishing a job, take a few minutes to wipe down and scrub the power head and the guide bar. Here’s a heavy-duty, cost-effective and convenient cleaning solution, which can be used to clean a myriad of things.

Check the fuel. Before starting any project, make sure there is the appropriate (preferably fresh and ethanol-free) gas in the clear tank of your Homelite 18-in chainsaw, and make sure you have extra gas somewhere in case you run out in the process.

Replace any broken pieces ASAP. Most small items or pieces you may need to repair any breaks that might occur with your chainsaw over time can be purchased on Amazon, at Walmart, or at Home Depot. Check to see if anything is damaged on your tool before and after each use for general safety.


Homelite has manufactured an excellent wood-cutting power tool which can help you tear through projects. Generally, it works very well and can cut faster than many chainsaws on the market, although it’s not perfect.

Sometimes the startup and the tensioner can stall and halt, but with general care and by following instructions, these issues can be easily overcome and this tool can be used to accomplish a lot of work.

If you’re looking to complete a large project and you think this 18-inch wood-eating machine is going to make your life easier, why not give it a try? It comes at a great price and has a two-year warranty.

Click here to check out some more information about this awesome power tool and see how it might be a great fit for your upcoming project.


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