An In-depth Review Of Jonsered Chainsaws – A Tradition Of Excellence

Jonsered chainsaws may not be a brand that you are familiar with, so you may be surprised at what these chainsaws have to offer. Made in Sweden, Jonsered is owned by the Husqvarna Group, a well-known name in the outdoor power tools industry.

Jonsered earned recognition by producing the first lightweight, single-man operation chainsaw in 1954. That is a long history for any brand. Additionally, Jonsered is continuing to work toward cleaner and more efficient engines and air filters. Reducing emissions is not only good for the environment, but it helps the chainsaw to run better as well.

The Top Choice

When you set the following chainsaws side by side, the clear winner is the Jonsered CS2245 18-inch 45cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in portability and function.

The 45cc 2-cycle Clean Power engine runs efficiently, and the Anti-Vib technology paired with the slightly smaller engine means even less stress and fatigue with repeated use. The added functionality of the quick-release cylinder cover provides easy access for maintenance and fueling.

The CS2245 is powerful enough to get through the toughest tasks. However, thanks to the balanced design and increased safety features, this chainsaw is easy enough to operate that even a first-time user will have success.

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Buying Guide

Jonsered chainsaws are not made with a bunch of unnecessary features. The features that you find in these saws are the ones that are determined to make a true difference. Here are some of those features that Jonsered deems important enough to include in ALL their chainsaws.

  • A Turbo air cleaning system that gets rid of all but about 3% of the sawdust produced by the saw. This means that your air filter is less likely to get clogged and last a lot longer
  • Anti-Vib vibration-dampening technology that helps reduce the vibration that travels to your hands and arms while operating the chainsaw
  • Inertia-activated chain brake that is automatically activated when kickback occurs, or the saw is moved suddenly
  • Heated handles mean you can use your chainsaw in even the coldest of climates
  • Patented Peak Pulse technology, a way to increase the chain speed for faster work
  • A spin start, to reduce starter cord resistance by as much as 40%
  • Decreased emissions to improve fuel efficiency
  • A tool-less chain tensioner
  • A quick-release cylinder cover for quick fuel-ups and easy lubrication
  • Weight balanced for easy operation; the heaviest Jonsered chainsaw weighs no more than about 13 pounds


The bar length of a Jonsered chainsaw ranges from 14 to 20 inches, so you are sure to find the right bar size. Engine sizes from 38-50cc on gas models and cordless chainsaws with 58-volt batteries offer a wide range of power.


Commonly Asked Questions

Here are a few common things to consider when you are thinking of buying a chainsaw. The first is how you plan to use it.

Do you need a super-powered chainsaw for everyday use, or are you looking for a chainsaw to cut firewood for your backyard fire pit or fireplace? These questions are important when deciding which chainsaw will fit your individual needs.

In addition, there are a few other common questions that you may have when deciding which model of chainsaw is right for you.


How safe is the chainsaw?

Every chainsaw from Jonsered features some of the highest standards in chainsaw safety.

  • The chain brake is designed to stop the chain from turning in a fraction of a second to prevent serious injury due to kickback or sudden change of motion in the saw, such as a loss of grip or a fall.
  • The chain catcher protects the operator if the chain happens to break by preventing the chain from flying backward and hitting them.
  • A right-hand guard protects your fingers during operation or if a chain were to break.
  • The throttle lock prevents accidental operation of the throttle. You must engage the throttle lock to operate the throttle.
  • An emergency stop button allows you to stop the engine immediately.


What size saw should I buy?

The bar size and engine size that is necessary will greatly depend on the work that will be done with your chainsaw. For jobs that are small like trimming smaller limbs, brush, or shrubs, a 14- or 16-inch bar and a smaller engine will be more than enough to complete the job.

But for larger jobs such as cutting down entire trees, removing large limbs, or cutting green hardwoods will require higher powered engines like the 45-50cc models. These come with either the 18- or 20-inch blade and need those larger blades to accommodate the increased power.


How do you maintain a Jonsered chainsaw?

Jonsered has made maintaining their chainsaws as easy as possible. Their quick-release cylinder cover means never having to break out the tools to fill the oil and gas or to check the filter and spark plug.

Take the time to fill both the gas and lubricating oil before each use, as this will ensure proper lubrication through the entire tank. Ensure that you are only using the proper fuel mixer for the saw.

Some owners refuel their saws before they store them. Only do this if your saw is properly ventilated during storage. Gas fumes can accumulate in enclosed or improperly ventilated areas leading to increased danger.

Clean the air filter by rinsing it under warm running water. Make sure that the filter is completely dry before putting it back into the chainsaw.

Keep the chainsaw chain sharpened and ready to go. Using a chainsaw with a dull blade increases the risk of severe injury to the operator or those around them, as well as increased wear and risk of damage to the chainsaw.

Pro Tip: Keep an extra chain on hand so you are not tempted to use the chainsaw with a dull chain.


The Top Jonsered Chainsaws

Let’s break down each Jonsered chainsaw model and look at the specs, pros and cons, and what others are saying about them.

1. Jonsered CS2245, 18-Inch 45cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

This is a great all-around saw that is perfect for small jobs, yet powerful enough to tackle bigger jobs as well.


Key Features

  • An 18-inch chain bar
  • 45cc 2-cycle patented Clean Power engine
  • Turbo intake air cleaning technology
  • Anti-Vib technology
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • Quick-release snap-lock cylinder cover


What other users are saying

Consumers rave about the safety features included with this chainsaw. One was particularly impressed with the power the saw delivered. Being able to see how much fuel there is at any time is another big plus. And the Anti-Vib technology has proven to decrease fatigue during long stretches of use.



  • Easy start
  • Cuts most wood up to 14 inches
  • Can accommodate a 16-inch bar
  • Visible fuel gauge
  • Tool-less tensioner for easy adjustment
  • Inertia-activated chain brake



  • Hard to adjust the choke
  • Replacement chains are sparse



For small to medium-sized jobs, this chainsaw will do the trick. The added bonus of being able to use both a 16- and an 18-inch bar gives some added flexibility to handle most home chainsaw needs.


Overall Rating 4.5/5



2. Jonsered CS2238 38cc 2-Cycle Gas 14-Inch Chainsaw

This chainsaw may be small but can handle many jobs with ease. The Clean Power engine runs incredibly smooth. The handles are naturally guarded for increased safety. All the safety features of the larger chainsaws are still standard in this compact model.


Key Features

  • 14-inch bar
  • 38cc 2-cycle patented Clean Power engine
  • Turbo intake air cleaning technology
  • Anti-Vib technology


What other users are saying

This chainsaw provides just the right amount of power in a compact saw. One consumer chooses this saw over three other higher-priced brands as his go-to saw for cutting firewood and regular yard cleanup. Another raves about the ease of operation and has continued to have successful three-pull starts for years.

Some consumers suggest giving the chainsaw a chance to really break in before becoming discouraged or frustrated, and to make sure to use the right gas/oil mix.



  • Easy to start
  • Lightweight
  • Can accommodate up to a 16-inch bar
  • Visible fuel gauge
  • Anti-Vib technology
  • Inertia-activated chain brake



  • Not very powerful
  • Must special order replacement chains



The CS2238 is a great beginner chainsaw. The 38cc engine is only powerful enough to handle small limbs and brush around the house. That said, the smaller engine also provides less vibration, and with the added Anti-Vib technology, you can get more work done without your hands and arms getting tired.


Overall Rating 3.6/5



3. Jonsered CS2245 18-Inch 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

This chainsaw is ideal for medium to heavier work, whether it is clearing larger limbs or taking down entire trees, this saw has the length and power to handle any job you need. The ability to accommodate either an 18- or 20-inch bar means you can do more with the same chainsaw.


Key Features

  • An 18-inch chain bar
  • 50cc 2-cycle patented Clean Power engine
  • Turbo intake air cleaning technology
  • Anti-Vib technology
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • Quick-release snap-lock cylinder cover


What other users are saying

One chainsaw owner shared how this saw helped clear the debris after Hurricane Irma. Another lucky consumer was gifted this saw and shared that it was the best gift they received.

Many individuals have shared how this chainsaw is able to cut like a larger saw without causing them to become excessively tired before they finish.

Professional owners rave about the surprisingly high quality and refer to the excellent safety features that are a requirement to meet their high standards. One equated Jonsered chainsaws to the “fine wine of saws”.



  • Easy to start
  • Powerful 50cc 2-cycle patented Clean Power engine
  • Visible fuel gauge
  • Anti-Vib technology
  • Inertia-activated chain brake



  • Unnecessary chain tensioner



This is a rugged chainsaw that can get through most jobs with ease. The safety features provide protection in even the toughest conditions to ensure that both the saw and the operator are taken care of.

With the bigger engine on this chainsaw, the Anti-Vib technology is even more important. It allows users to be able to work significantly longer than comparable models.

Overall Rating 3.4/5



Final Thoughts

There are not as many models of Jonsered chainsaws in the review, because there are not as many on the market. These three chainsaws offer the highest quality in gas-powered chainsaws that Jonsered has to offer.


Best Overall

The race was very close, however, the clear choice for top Jonsered chainsaw must be the CS2245.

The Jonsered CS2245 comes with an 18-inch bar that will accommodate trees and limbs up to almost 16 inches. The 45cc 2-Cycle Clean Power engine provides an environmentally friendly sawing experience, while the Anti-Vib technology ensures that the user can work longer.

Jonsered’s industry-leading safety standards ensure that no matter which chainsaw you choose, you are guaranteed to have the ideal chainsaw experience whether you are a novice or seasoned pro. That is why the CS2245 earns the title of Best Overall in Jonsered Chainsaws.


Best Value

A nod should be given to the tiny but mighty Jonsered CS2238. The only reason that this chainsaw takes a backseat to the CS2245 is purely size and engine power. The 38cc 2-Cycle engine is perfect for the occasional need of the typical handyman. It would also make a great chainsaw for a novice to learn to operate a chainsaw efficiently and safely. Teens and young adults can learn on this model before moving on to larger, more powerful options.

Even so, the Best Value in Jonsered Chainsaws is awarded to the CS2245.

Regardless of which chainsaw you choose, take the time to properly maintain your chainsaw according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and you will be able to enjoy your chainsaw for many years to come.

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