DIY Projects to Give Your Apartment a Makeover


If spending more time indoors is causing you to get a little too used to the look of your apartment, maybe it’s time for a makeover. Fortunately, there are some simple projects you can do yourself to help you view your rental apartment from a different perspective and feel like you just moved in. Plus, these DIYs are easy and affordable, so choose whichever fits your style and budget and get creative. You can even engage your roommates or family in these projects and have fun at the same time!

Move Your Furniture Around

Move Your Furniture Around

Although this isn’t a traditional DIY, it is something you can do yourself to change the entire feel of a room. First, take a few moments to assess your furniture and its size to determine how you can move it around to create a functional, novel space. Also, now that the weather is getting colder, consider relocating your resting areas away from windows and exterior walls. Doing so will refresh your perspective of the room and enable you to picture opportunities for other DIY projects. 

Get Creative with Your Décor 

Décor-related tricks are some of the easiest DIYs that can also have a major effect on a room. For instance, use art — whether you frame it or not — to cover up ugly walls or redirect your eye toward something you want to emphasize. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Depending on your style, you could choose an eclectic gallery of colorful photos and pieces, or go for an elegant black, white, and gray gallery to create an air of sophistication in your room. 

Moreover, because renters often move around a lot — even from city to city — embrace the home you’re in now and add authentic, local art to your apartment. For example, if you’re renting an apartment in Miami, select a piece with a local vibe and with light blues and whites to mimic a coastal design. 

Another great way to upgrade your decor is with plants. Plus, there are a variety of low-maintenance plants that provide an amazing green focal point and also help purify the air, as well. You can even get creative with the pots and DIY your own fun or sophisticated plant pots to complement your style. 

Keep in mind, though, that any décor feature you include should make you feel at home because it is through these trinkets that you tell your own story. It’s also important to keep your space clutter-free, so go through your belongings regularly and donate whatever no longer speaks to you. 

Change the Peripherals 

Similarly, another idea is to change smaller things — like cabinet knobs, doorknobs, outlet covers, switch plates, and so on. While these items may not be as noticeable at first, if they’re coherent, they can tie the design of a room in a very subtle way, which is very pleasant. Specifically, get rid of any old-fashioned, worn-out knobs and replace them with those that fit your design style. For example, the new knobs could be: ornate or minimal; made of wood, steel, brass, copper, or any other material; and black, neutral, or colorful. Whichever you choose, the idea is to be in alignment with the style you want to incorporate in the room.

Care for Your Floors

Likewise, another small investment that can make a big difference is related to your floors. For instance, if you want to cover them up, consider choosing a nice, plush carpet to cozy up the room (which is especially nice in the winter months). Or, create a whimsical, eclectic carpet made of different carpet samples. Just pick up a bunch of small samples and sew them together for a fun accent piece you could place in your hallway or living room. Then, in other areas where it may be more difficult to incorporate a carpet — such as a kitchen — try a creative design with cover-up stickers in a color that complements your space. In any case, just make sure you’ll be able to easily clean it without damaging it.

Once you allow yourself to look at each room from a different perspective, you’ll likely notice many opportunities for a makeover. So, take it one room at a time — there’s no need to take on a huge project and feel overwhelmed. Simply start small and extend into other areas as you see fit!

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