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Bandsaws are incredibly useful in woodworks and general construction at home. While they’re not as detail-oriented as scroll saws, bandsaws are built for flexible use and heavy-duty cutting. They’re particularly good for cutting curved lines.

Whether being used to construct an adorable bookshelf for a child’s room or to build a box for storage, bandsaws are a great item to have in the workshop. But they’re not necessarily cheap…so, which bandsaw should you invest in for all of your projects?

That answer will differ for everybody. However, if you’re looking for details about the RYOBI manufacturer or their RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw, I’ve put together all of the details you may need to make a well-educated choice.

Here’s an in-depth RYOBI 9-in bandsaw review that can answer your questions about RYOBI, their 9-inch saw, all of its features and reviews, and overall ratings for this power tool.

Presenting Ryobi 9-Inch Bandsaw


A lot of factors can play into the decision to buy a tool. Bandsaws are no different, so here is a list of things to consider about bandsaws at large, as well as where the RYOBI 9 bandsaw stands on each. You can also read about other types of bandsaws in this post.

1. Price

This one seems kind of obvious, but if you’re looking for a nice bandsaw and you’re not trying to break the bank, there are a lot of options and not all of them out there are going to cut it (pun intended). Some bandsaws are pricier and yield fantastic results, and others are simple and more cost-friendly.

The RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw is gentle on the budget while still delivering come pretty great results. Though it’s not the best bandsaw in the world, it can get the job done well and at an acceptable cost.

2. Saw Length

The RYOBI saw in question here is 9 inches long, which is fantastic for deeper cuts of wood being used for larger at-home construction projects. This one is specifically built for a 9-inch bandsaw blade to be used, and you can’t really substitute in another length.

Some bandsaws have shorter blades for thinner, yet still heavy-duty, hardwoods. Also, scroll saws and jigsaws are meant to be more maneuverable and flexible, so if the projects you’ll mainly be working on fall into the intricate category, a bandsaw’s length won’t be much help.

3. Project

Is your project a one-time thing, like installing a mount for the washer and dryer in your home? Maybe you’re working on a table to gift your mother for Mother’s Day (some woods used in construction for larger tables are best being cut down by a chainsaw).

Whatever projects you’re undertaking, take into account how regularly you’ll be using the bandsaw. The RYOBI 9-inch saw is great for regular use and is built for consistent results, but it’s not built for commercial purposes or detail work.

4. Frame Material

The frame of a bandsaw is similar to the frame on a scroll saw; it’s the vertical machine-looking part of the tool which will be creating the “arch” (throat) under which the cutting will happen. Some frames are steel, others are aluminum, and others might be a more lightweight mix of metals.

The RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw has a frame made of aluminum, so it won’t break your back when you try to move it around, but it’s not meant to handle granite or other intensely heavy materials.

5. Power

I’m not talking about how the tool is powered, but more how much power it has (bandsaws are usually plugged in). The RYOBI bandsaw has a 2.5 AMP induction motor, which is powerful and can cut through tough woods and many metals.

Keep in mind the power of your bandsaw motor, or what you’ll need from the motor to get your project done well. The highest AMP bandsaws are the industrial ones used to cut through slabs of heavy and hard materials which we typically don’t encounter in our homes.



Pros and Cons

Every power tool out there has its pros and cons, including bandsaws. While some may regard each pro or con at a different degree of significance, there are always those things that just need to be noted if you want to make an educated purchase.

Here are the pros and cons noted by real users for the RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw


  • Does well even after long-time use
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily cuts wood, aluminum, and brass


  • Saw blade can sometimes bend during use, especially when cutting material that is thicker than ¾ inch
  • Doesn’t cut 100% straight lines
  • Instructions that come with the saw may not be helpful

Overall, this is definitely a smaller-project, great quality-for-price item. While the instructions manual it comes with leaves some people pretty confused, the setup is straightforward and it can be set up and running in 15 minutes.


Reviews and Features

The reviews for this budget-friendly bandsaw are generally very positive, with some customers being a little mystified by the multi-lingual instructions manual and a couple missing keys. Home Depot has over 300 reviews for this exact model, and on the whole, it has gotten mainly 5 stars.

You can also buy this and have it shipped by Amazon but mainly it is available at Home Depot, and you can find replacement blades or anything else you may need from there, as well.

Some of the key features which are selling points for the RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw include:

  • Tilting table (up to 45 degrees)
  • 2.5 AMP motor/power
  • Blade tension adjustment knob
  • Blade tracking plastic window
  • 6-ft cord
  • 3.5-inch cuts (3.5-inch depth of throat)
  • 3000 RPM
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


I’ve taken some of the key features and reviews from real customers and compiled them into overall ratings for this bandsaw. These ratings are independent from other rating systems and take into account the features and key points described above.

Price: 5/5

For the price, this product can give you a lot of completed projects, continual use, a lightweight frame which doesn’t take up too much space, and quality results at a much better price than many other bandsaws on the market.

Material/Quality: 4/5

Some of the reviews from users have mentioned that the aluminum frame, plastic look, or green color weren’t their favorite things. However, the general durability and product build, as well as the convenient size, made this a 4/5 for quality and overall construction.

Power: 5/5

This can clearly get the job done. It has cut through lighter metals, plenty of wood, and other construction materials without any issues. Besides replacing the blade occasionally to fulfill general maintenance, you’ll be pleased with the motor power and cuts.

General Performance: 4/5

A couple of people have mentioned that the lines and curves being cut by the RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw were not completely straight, or they felt like they weren’t as expected. However, these were the few among many who agreed that the performance was great.

Overall Rating: 4/5 (90%)

As an overall product, you’re getting a lot for your money if you go for the RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw. Besides getting the job done right and without breaking the bank, this useful little tool can be stored easily or have it’s own little shelf in your workshop.


The uses for bandsaws are almost as unlimited as what you’re designing. For example, here are 27 projects a person made only using a bandsaw in his workshop (he’s pretty creative).

Beyond creative projects, bandsaws can be used to cut through metals, woods, styrofoam, plywood, PVC pipes, and much more. These can be used for lots of house construction purposes, such as:


Do you have an issue with your sprinklers outside? Instead of paying a ridiculous amount to have someone else spend an hour fixing it, try this:

  • Locate the problem or leak.
  • Buy the PVC pipe (or other material used to fix the issue) for cheap at your nearest hardware store.
  • Cut the PVC pipe to the right size, replace the broken pipe, glue it using GOOP, and use plumber’s tape to wrap it up nice and tight.

Problem solved, budget saved.


If you’re trying to renovate a fixer-upper home, or maybe just one room, there are endless uses for a bandsaw. You can cut boards straight or curved to get the floorboards just right, or you could cut boards to create a beautiful cover over an oven vent.


Using the 3.5-inch cutting power of the RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw, you can cut boards to size to create a box-like mounting for washers and dryers which you’re tired of having to bend over for, or you could use it to create floating shelves.

Fixing Furniture

Broken table leg? Measuring and taking some time to craft another one with a bandsaw is fairly easy. Then all you need is sandpaper, paint and primer, a good gloss coat, some screws and a screwdriver, and your table is 100% functional once more.

This could be done for any piece of furniture which has been broken or fallen into disrepair.


Curious about other uses for a bandsaw? Here’s a great video which goes over 5 things bandsaws can do and how you can use them.


Safety in woodworking and construction is important. Here are some general tips to follow to ensure a safe and injury-free experience while using this RYOBI saw or any others:

1. Wear Goggles And Gloves

While these might seem to be restricting, they are vital. You may be one of the best woodworkers in the world, but fingers are still important and accidents can happen. Wear tough gloves to prevent any cuts, and wear appropriate safety goggles.

2. Wear The Right Clothes

Short-sleeved shirts and swim trunks will leave your skin vulnerable for any chips or splinters coming off of whatever material you’ll be working with, including metals. Wear jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, as well as other heavier clothing if desired, for protection.

3. Clear The Area And Floor

We all know having a tidy work environment is a good idea. Make sure you don’t have any boards or paint cans on the floor that you could trip over. Tripping and knocking the bandsaw off its table and onto the floor or your foot isn’t the best idea if you like your toes.

4. Keep Your Workshop Ventilated

Too much sawdust in the air can cause a lot of breathing and health problems during a project, not to mention it’s hard to see the things you’re working on. Keep your workshop doors or windows open while you’re cutting, or vacuum and air-blow it out frequently.

5. Unplug The Saw When You’re Done

You know enough to keep your hands away from a saw while it’s plugged in, but others may not know and anyone with access to your workshop could bump the saw accidentally. Whenever you’re done cutting your material, unplug the bandsaw.


The RYOBI 9-inch, 2.5-AMP bandsaw is a good product. It is recommendable for those who are looking at completing projects without investing in a future career in woodworking. It offers good quality cuts and a warrantied design.

Hopefully the rundowns and tips in this RYOBI 9-inch bandsaw review have helped you with understanding whether or not it is the right option for your next project. If you think that it is, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck by going with this option.


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